Going to a hot spring is constantly an elegant affair however one location in China has stepped things up a bit by including fruit.

The warm spring in Luoyang City, central China’s Henan province places apples, oranges and other fruit in the water to apparently assist people’s skin, Huanqiu, affiliated with individual’s Daily Online reports.

Visitors to the springs have actually not been able to withstand the temptation of tucking into a few of the fruit.

According to reports, the idea behind the trend come from Japan and Korea and has actually since taken a trip to China. It’s said to have a moisturizing effect on the skin as well as supposedly has a lightening effect on the skin.

Skin Whitening is the latest trend in China with people doing anything to obtain lighter skin consisting of using creams as well as consuming specific types of food.

Some individuals even turn to plastic surgery in the most extreme case.

Many individuals who check out the warm spring in Luoyang put cucumbers and oranges on their faces to help with their skin care routine. There are many warm spring resorts in China that are popular with people during the vacations - this weekend marks China's Labor Day vacation.